Salary calculation expert

If you are a micro, small, medium or large company, payroll processing and personnel administration require a lot of time, energy and money. There is also the complexity of social and tax legislation. HR CONSULT liberates you from all these formalities.

HR CONSULT is a social office that realises exactly the same tasks as an approved social secretariat but without the disadvantages. Indeed, HR CONSULT does not receive the money from the client for the NSSO and the professional tax, and that is why HR CONSULT does not invest this money.
The client pays on time, and not in advance as requested by the approved social secretariats.

Our services

HR CONSULT takes care of all administrative tasks from the entry of the employee until his departure.

  • Dimona (immediate declaration in case of electronic employment)
  • Employment contract, employment regulations, etc.
  • Calculation of salaries (National Social Security Office, professional tax, holiday pay, end-of-year bonuses, severance pay, etc.).
  • Issue of electronic documents and declarations (DmFa, declaration 274, declaration 281, etc.).
  • Administrative formalities relating to incapacity for work, absenteeism, leave, etc. (DmFa, declaration 274, declaration 281, etc.).
  • Issue of related social documents such as pay slip, individual account, tax form, C4, holiday certificate, work certificate, etc. (DmFa, declaration 274, declaration 281, etc.).

HR CONSULT frees you from all these formalities.

Meal vouchers, non-recurring benefits linked to results (salary bonus), bonuses (e.g. for innovation), private use of various tools (PC, smartphone, internet connection, etc.), …
How to optimize the remuneration of workers in order to set up a competitive and attractive remuneration system?

HR CONSULT analyses, optimizes and offers you the most advantageous remuneration packages for you and your employees.

Your human resources department can be confronted with all kinds of problems and questions.
How do you prepare an employment contract?
What should I do in case of dismissal and how do I fill in the C4?
How do I draw up a work rules?

HR CONSULT offers you expert help and advice. You will receive explanations and advice adapted to the situation of your company.

Our values

Satisfaction of our customers

In order to achieve our goals, we give a lot of attention to our expertise in the field of labour law, the quality of our service and our availability. In order to meet our obligations, we always keep abreast of ever-changing social and fiscal legislation, the economic situation and technological developments.

  • Quality of service

  • Expertise

  • Availability

  • Professionalism

  • Responsibility

  • Satisfaction of obligations

Satisfaction of our employees

The employees of HR CONSULT make the difference and determine our success. Our duty is to provide them with the best weapons. In this respect, we create a working climate that meets the needs and expectations of our employees.

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Teamwork

  • Trust

  • Continuous improvement

  • Adaptability to situations

  • Ecology, sustainable development